Building Worlds (Pt. 1)

Something I really enjoy about travelling 2 hours just to get to and from work—even though it’s very tiring as hell and it takes away most of my time to relax, blog, do other things I love, but blogging most especially—is that I get to daydream a lot. While most people use the idle time to sleep, play with their phones, reflect, or fantasize about stuff, I use the time to build fictional worlds.

I love writing and that’s not just with blogs. I love writing fiction. It’s my dream to write a book and get it published. I haven’t had the chance yet to sit down and simply write but hopefully soon. I am more into romance–hopeless romantic here–and YA contemporaries as a reader and writer-wannabe. But, actually, the genre that fascinates me the most is science fiction-fantasy, although I know I can never pull off writing a full length story on that spectrum.

The thing that makes me so awed about SFF is the world building. I admire writers who can make a fictional world so elaborate and bizarre yet believable. Reading stuff like that is like going on a wild adventure to a different universe. I want to build my own world where the rules are all mine. I can do whatever I want, create a system myself, build an entirely different reality, and explore the impossible. Of course, my world building skills aren’t great writing-wise (I tried a couple of times and being the worst critic of me, I just scrapped all of it because they suck—they are much better in my imagination than on paper) but I still want to share my fictional worlds with you.

A lot of people are scared of giving away their story ideas because others might take it before they could even write about it. I can understand them because story ideas are like babies that they conceived and took care of on their own until they’re ready for the real world—but not me. I actually want someone to create a story out of these ideas when I can’t.

I don’t know if they’ve been done before (as far as I’m concerned, I haven’t seen these worlds yet in books or films that’s why I made them myself, or I take bits of what I’ve seen and created my own version of it for me). Let me know if they already “exist” since I really want to see them come to life because I can’t do it myself. Or if you got inspired and want to create a story out of it yourselves, do so! I’d really appreciate it, just tell me.

I will pin this post up my blog and give you links to these fictional worlds as I write them. I can only do once a week (for now) though. Here’s the list, fifth link coming up next week:

1) Biodegrade
Type: Futuristic Dystopian

2) Parallels
Type: Contemporary Multiverse

3) Eden
Type: Post-Apocalyptic Dystopian

4) Cloud
Type: Futuristic Dystopian

5) Sanctuary
Type: Neo-Victorian Alien World

6) Children of God
Type: Urban Fantasy World

7) Aftersoul
Type: Urban Fantasy World

8) Dreamcaster
Type: Urban Fantasy World

I hope you’ll enjoy reading them. I’ll probably add more ideas later–if I get more ideas. Inspiration strikes at random to me, always. Anyway, these are not exactly written as stories. Just a long description-slash-explanation of what the worlds are supposed to be like, so don’t get too disappointed if they seem too technical, boring, or full of BS blabber for you. I’m just simply detailing the ideas. If you’re feeling geeky today or you just need a good (or ridiculously bad) idea for a Sci-Fi/Fantasy world, you can check these out.

[TL;DR Warning!] Joke gone wrong? Over-sensitive people? Context matters.

I didn’t make this post to pick a side and defend it. I’m just here to share all possible angles that I can see from the perspective of an outsider, someone who lives faraway from this whole issue. I’ll try anyway. You judge.

Probably the first biggest internet issue or scandal to come out this year is the one about PewDiePie, a very famous YouTube personality, and his “anti-semitic” jokes. Basically, this is what happened: PewDiePie uploaded a video on his channel where he showed this website called Fiverr that will do practically anything that you ask of them for a few bucks. PewDiePie paid/ordered/asked (the word choice is yours) these two boys to make a video message where it says, “Death to all Jews. Subscribe to Keemstar,” as a joke. Of course, with that kind of statement, it caught a lot of attention, started a lot of debates, and offended so many people. Recently, Wall Street Journal posted an article with an accompanying YouTube video that Maker Studies, a subsidiary of Disney, cut ties with PewDiePie upon WSJ’s inquiry with Disney. YouTube also cancelled PewDiePie’s Scare PewDiePie show on YouTube Red in effect. Since then, the original videos have been removed from the channel.

Now, the online community is freaking out.

People are taking sides. There are people saying that PewDiePie went overboard with his jokes and shouldn’t have made a laughing stock out of such a sensitive and discriminating topic, and so he deserved the negative reaction. On the other hand, there are people calling out injustice, saying that PewDiePie didn’t mean to offend anyone and that WSJ took his videos and content way out of context to make him the bad person. Before you point fingers at anyone, consider all aspects of this issue first. ALWAYS remember that NOT everything is BLACK and WHITE, and that you can pick only one side and mark everything else as wrong. No.

There are five perspectives directly involved with this issue: PewDiePie, Wall Street Journal, YouTube and Disney, the online community, and the receiving end of the joke, which are the Jews themselves.

To PewDiePie, as he explained in his videos and blog, he didn’t mean offense. It was just a joke, albeit satirical and dark in nature, for a video. It was part of his humor, part of his content, part of his act and style of comedy as an entertainer and YouTube personality. He was not pushing any political agenda. To him, he was just a guy making funny videos for his subscribers.

I watched that exact video when it came out and if I remember clearly, that video was meant to explore and, in some way, criticize the website Fiverr in a satirical way. This website is an online freelance service platform that will do anything the clients ask of them for a few bucks. To test it out, PewDiePie chose various freelancers and came up with the most absurd requests to see if they will actually deliver. Some declined by saying it goes against the policy and the requests were offensive. To everyone’s surprise, one did deliver and that’s where this issue all started. The Funny Guys, as requested, made a video where they held up a sign that says, “Death to all Jews,” while laughing and dancing around. Because of this incident, the Funny Guys were banned by the website and PewDiePie, feeling responsible about, kind of appealed to Fiverr to un-ban them. This whole situation caused mixed reactions and criticisms, as expected. After that, PewDiePie made videos and a blog post explaining himself.

To Wall Street Journal, they were just doing their job as a reputable journalism company to point out all the possible offensive, discriminatory, and anti-semitic content that PewDiePie has inserted to his videos.

In this issue alone, a statement on annihilating a whole race or ethnicity or any group of people for that matter, is not just offensive but also intolerable and disheartening, especially one that is directed to an actual group of people who had a history with racial discrimination and genocide, and were immediate victims of it. It is understandable that people would find such statements, even if it was meant as a joke, to be offensive and hateful. There are simply things that you don’t ever take lightly and joke about, especially sensitive and derogatory topics that are deeply rooted in history. That coming from a famous personality and public figure with over 50 million followers (that is a number large enough to influence and make impact on) is indeed problematic and scandalous. Of course, major news sources such as WSJ would put it into light and even make it headline-worthy. It’s expected of them as it is their job.

To YouTube and Disney, this is all about business. They did what any business entity would do in the face of such scandal. Of course, in order to keep the reputation and credibility of their brand, they have to cut ties with someone who would put them into a negative spot and potentially harm their market. No businesses would associate themselves with someone who is “anti-semitic” or anyone allegedly supporting a hate group. Not only would that give the brand backlash, it would be a reason to lose their market. What YouTube and Disney did wasn’t surprising. They are thinking in a businessman’s mindset and their decision to remove or cancel their partnership with PewDiePie was the most obvious move to make. They are just doing what they think is the best for their company and people can’t blame them for that.

To the online community, it’s another issue to discuss, another point of debate, another thing to react to and talk about. The way I see it, the general consensus is split into two: those who are defending PewDiePie’s side and those who were offended for the Jewish Community. I don’t know if they picked a side because they truly understand the weight of this issue and formed a rational opinion in response OR if they were just blinded by their emotions and personal bias. Anyway, it’s a mess.

Those who are supporting PewDiePie are claiming that WSJ and other news publications took his videos out of context, cherry-picking what parts would make PewDiePie look anti-semitic, and therefore mischaracterizing him. Even other YouTube personalities have talked about this and considered it defamation of character. They believe that PewDiePie did nothing wrong and that it was unfair to judge him with a few clips that have no basis of context and were framed in a way to make him look bad. He was just making funny videos, and people should try to understand that it was all just a satirical joke that people took personally and negatively when it’s not meant to hurt anyone or support any kind of hate.

Those who are against what PewDiePie did are claiming that, in the first place, he shouldn’t have done what he did, he went too far and low with it, and that his jokes were very thoughtless, offensive, discriminatory, and “not funny.” They feel offended for the Jewish Community and they think that what he did, as a public figure with millions of people watching him and listening to every word he says, is beyond disappointing and inexcusable. Even if it was a joke, he still tried to make fun of a very dark topic targeted at a certain group of people, trivializing this sensitive issue or even influencing others to do the same, so it’s expected that everyone would criticize him and give him backlash.

Then, of course, there are those people who don’t care at all and think that there are other problems—bigger problems—worth talking about, and everyone else is just over-reacting about the issue. Whichever, the result is chaos in the YouTube comment sections.

To the Jewish Community, I honestly don’t know what they think of this in general. While there are a few who have spoken up and said that they weren’t really offended because they were aware that it was just a joke, I’m sure that most of them were deeply hurt by the statement. Putting myself into their shoes, if someone famous and influential said, “Death to all Filipinos,” as a joke, I wouldn’t really take it personally but I know I would feel the sting. What I just don’t understand is why do other people feel the need to be so offended on their behalf. I don’t know what the Jewish Community think about this but personally, I feel that it is unnecessary. The concern is very much appreciated but it is just not needed? (I will have to make a separate post about this.) If anyone had the right to feel offended by this whole situation, it would be the Jews. Rightfully so. But I don’t know. Maybe they don’t even know about the existence of this issue or they have more important matters to deal with than just one YouTuber’s offensive joke.

Bottom-line, consider all perspectives of the issue. Why should you care? The problem with people nowadays is that they are so quick to judge, so quick to bash, without considering all sides involved. The result of this shows how people can be so ignorant and irrational with their opinions. It’s evident when you read comments everywhere. That is the sadder reality reflected in this mess.

Now, here’s what I think. But before I continue with my personal take on this issue, if you have your own opinions about this, please share them now. Don’t read the following paragraphs without sharing your own comments first because I don’t want in any way influence your thoughts. Okay? Okay.

To sum it up: Wall Street Journal is sensationalizing the heck out of it, YouTube and Disney are doing business as usual, PewDiePie should have known better, and the internet is so uselessly triggered about it.

I’ve been subscribed to PewDiePie for a few years now and, even though I don’t regularly watch his content, I know his style of humor so I wasn’t really shocked or anything with those “anti-semitic” remarks. He’s the kind of personality that makes fun of everything and doesn’t censor a single thing even though the jokes are very offensive, and he knows it. If you watch his videos, you’ll know that the tone of his humor is not the fluffy kind of funny. It’s dark and satirical and it’s often meant to criticize an issue or situation.

If you’ve been reading my blog, especially my earliest posts, you’ll know that I follow the same kind of humor, but the difference is that I am very careful not to unintentionally offend, attack, or hurt anyone. While I’m at level five at best, PewDiePie is at level fifty on the scale of how-sarcastic-are-you. And that’s the problem. People almost always miss sarcasm, and if people take it seriously, it is guaranteed that they will make an issue out of it. PewDiePie knows it and he doesn’t care. But he should know better and he should start caring. Especially nowadays when everyone is so easily triggered and offended even by a non-reaction.

He is a public figure so he should start acting like one. Even if he is an independent entity with no companies or organizations holding him down (except maybe YouTube because that is his medium, but PewDiePie is a such a huge personality now that I doubt even YouTube can hold him down), he should consider now that he is a person with millions and millions of followers that will hang on to his every word and action. What he does can influence people and make an impact to important socio-political issues whether it was his intention or not. I know he just wants to do his thing, and he doesn’t care about his image or reputation or what other people see him as, but for the sake of his followers, he should be more responsible. He should know the limits and be more thoughtful of what he does or say. I do feel bad for him with the amount of hate he is getting now but at the same time, I can’t say that I didn’t see it coming. It’s the consequence of his actions as an internet celebrity.

On one side of the spectrum, there is also Wall Street Journal making a sensation out of the issue. In case you didn’t know, I’m a communication arts student and I major in media studies, so this is kind of my thing. I’m going to take bits and pieces from what I’ve learned in school (if there’s anything I’ve learned) and try to form an opinion based on those things.

I believe that everyone already knows that even the most credible news sources, no matter how “objective” their facts seem to be, only give us a frame of the story. If not, believe me, all media and news organizations don’t always give the information people need to know. They give what they THINK people would WANT to know, and what people want are things that calls for attention, things that are interesting, things that have impact. Human interest, timeliness, conflict, consequence, and prominence—these are just some of the things that make newsworthy stories, and we can cross out all of it for the PewDiePie issue.

I’m not saying that they are deliberately hiding information from us, but part of their job is to take an angle that better suits the story or issue, and in the process, so details are omitted. There’s a thing called framing and this concept is basically about how information are presented in such a way that will give readers an impression of what topics or issues are more important than the other. Presentation influences the way people interpret information and even the most neutral thing can look either good or bad with the way it was presented. Maybe PewDiePie’s issue is a case of that. I’m NOT saying that PewDiePie was the victim here. I mean, he did make those “anti-semitic” jokes and it’s understandable that the media and the public wouldn’t take this lightly. But this is just on the surface level.

Behind the scenes, behind closed doors, journalism is more complex than the need to report accurate news and current events. Journalism is still a business after all, and businesses need to attract a market and profit from it. Where there is business, there are also people running it from the inside, and where there are people, there are also personal agendas, biases, motivations, and beliefs. Besides appealing to the public’s interests, the news stories will have to appeal to the needs and wants of the people running the business. I don’t know what exactly these things are for Wall Street Journal, but I know for sure that it is reflected in the way they are framing and sensationalizing the PewDiePie story.

Yes, the way I see it, this story is being sensationalized. If you’re going to watch WSJ’s video of this issue, the signs are all over it. Never mind the video clips that were being taken out of context as there are various videos and posts addressing this issue. Just look at the way it started and ended. They started with an introduction of PewDiePie, explaining who is and what recently happened, and ended with these statements: “PewDiePie’s videos are being celebrated by The Daily Stormer website, which recently declared itself ‘the world’s #1 PewDiePie fan site.’ The Southern Poverty Law Center calls The Daily Stormer the ‘top hate site in America.'” They didn’t lie to us, they didn’t use any information that isn’t factual, and they didn’t say anything questionably subjective. HOWEVER, they left the audience with a piece of information that implies that PewDiePie is the bad guy, and the effects on PewDiePie’s image is severing and defaming. He doesn’t really deserve that treatment. Did they really take his videos out of context? You know what, news in general don’t give people context. As I’ve said, framing is what they do best and framing doesn’t give you every single detail you need. Although it would be much better if they did, they aren’t obliged to do so. Their job is to give us what they think is important to us, and they didn’t report anything that is false. Technically.

They already expect people to react. It’s more surprising if they didn’t because that would mean that the news isn’t “worthy” enough. That would mean that their story failed to capture people’s attention and influence companies to cut ties with PewDiePie. That’s what newspapers do. But they did succeed and now people are going crazy about it. Remember, WSJ is also a business-focused newspaper company. They know what’s going on and they know what they are doing. People are once again the pawns of this game. Whether you are pro or against them is irrelevant.

I’m NOT saying that what WSJ did was wrong…or right, and that WSJ shouldn’t have framed the story like that. But you can’t really say that they did wrong, because PewDiePie did say all of those things, and those things did really happen. Sure, it is way unfair that they took out all the context and make it seem like PewDiePie is such a horrible person. But, “Death to all Jews,” is indeed a very hateful and offensive statement even as a joke. It’s bound to be interpreted and taken in different ways. So we can’t really fault WSJ for doing that. But we can’t say that they did good either. I’m just saying, they did what they had to do as a newspaper company. WSJ did their job. PewDiePie is just another story. It goes to show that journalism and media haven’t changed. It’s still the same politically-fueled industry that guises itself as a form of public service. Are they corrupt? No. I don’t think so. Are they wrong? No. But as I have said, this matter is not as simple as pointing out black and white. There are moral and ethical grey areas—dilemmas, if you may—and the industry has demands that people will have to answer to, whether they like it or not. This is the way it is.

The lesson here, people, is to read all facts. Every freaking time, this is the problem, internet people! Read. Not just from one source, not just from the side that you support. If you really want to form a wise opinion, read from all angles of the issue and always, for the sake of humanity, verify facts. We live in the age of information, how hard can this be? This way, there will be no information taken out of context, there will be no statements misinterpreted, and there will be no baseless accusations. I see a lot of them all over the face of this issue, and it’s a shame. Even if they twist and bend the facts, you know the truth and you won’t be fooled this time.

No one is stopping you from picking sides—it’s natural for people to follow their values and principles—but you need to have a solid basis and a sound reasoning for choosing one. If people challenge your opinions, you can just lay down all the facts for them and easily justify it, and if they still don’t understand that you can have your own opinion just as they can have theirs and they start disrespecting you, they will come out as the stupid ones. No one is obliged to agree with your sentiments, but it matters that you know well what you’re standing up for and everyone should learn respect it, the same way you’re respecting theirs. But more than that, it makes you the more credible person and your opinion will become more substantial.

Oh, and another important lesson that I almost forgot. Think before you speak. 

Dream Journal Entry #2

I almost forgot that I started this little blog series a while back. For some reason, I just can’t remember the dreams that I had the night before when I meant to keep track of them everyday. This happened the night after I posted the first entry. Go figure. The moment I wake up, the details are immediately gone. Nothing. Not a single memory of my dreams. I know I’ve been dreaming because I can remember the primary emotion that I had in my dreams. Like, the things that I felt during my dreams. But the actual dreams were completely erased.

But last night, thankfully, I finally remember my dreams. Most people sleep because they just want to sleep, take a rest. They love sleeping. Sleep is important. Sleep is everything! They would choose sleeping over eating. I don’t know about you. I love it, too, but I’m the type of person who loves sleeping for the dreams. I enjoy even some of my nightmares. Dreams to me are like my own personal cinema and the stories are all mine, courtesy of my brain. But I’m not just watching them all play out, I’m part of the plot most of the time. Though, the dreams I like the least are when I’m part of it and everyone in the dream are people I know in real life.

Even though I’m prone to sleep paralysis and hypnagogia (I used to be, but it has stopped for some time now although I don’t know if it’s ever coming back), I patiently wait until I get to dream land. I think, more than the dreams themselves, I love the feeling of being literally escaping reality. It’s the only real break I have from living. In my dreams, I don’t have to do anything at all. I don’t have to think of what I’m supposed to do or say, I don’t have to decide for myself, I don’t have to think of responsibilities, of what I should do to be a functioning human being, and I don’t have to think about the consequences of my actions, big or small. My brain does everything for me and I just go with the flow.

I know that last bit might sound like I don’t want to live in the real world or like I don’t want to face my problems straight, but for me, my dreams is a venue for me to let go of worldly problems for a while and relieve myself of stress. Different people have different ways to deal with stress, and this one’s mine. See, I don’t even need that much to be stress-free.

Anyway (oh my, I didn’t even mean to have that long talk), the purpose of this dream journal is to have keepsake for the most interesting dreams that I have. Some of my dreams make for really fascinating stories. Who knows, I might turn them into novels. But as I have said earlier, I had trouble remembering my dreams and I don’t why. Until last night though. I could recall my dream vividly this morning. But, bear with me, hours has passed before I remembered about this dream journal so some parts now are a bit hazy.

There were two unrelated parts in my dream, one is a bit political and the other is about dance. I wasn’t in both dreams so this is another one of those am-I-dreaming-about-other-people’s-lives kind of dream. I’ll just share the political one on this post, the dance one on a separate post. I don’t want to kill you with excessive boredom and, besides, this post is getting too long.

This dream is about two teens—a girl and a boy—who are part of two different political families. Both are manipulative and competitive, but they are not like Capulet-Montague rivals. These families are fake friends and they would use each other for personal gain, until the other is of no use, and then they will have to betray each other—typical political stuff—and that’s what exactly happened. I am telling, this is going to be hazy and unreliable.

The part that I can remember clearly now is the one at this hotel. There was a press conference going on in this hotel. All members of both families were there. Both the girl and the boy were also staying in different rooms, but of course, they would meet up with each other, and they were friends. Anyway, the girl knew that the other family will reveal to the public all the supposedly “fake” dirty secrets that they made up about her family. Of course, she didn’t want bad rep on them so she tried to convince the boy to stop his family, but the boy of course didn’t believe her. So now, she went on to threaten to disrupt the conference and reveal all the dirty secrets she had heard about the boys family. The boy, obviously, tried to stop her, but she still went to the conference, despite security and basically everyone stopping her for trespassing into the event hall. She proceeded to stand on the platform, grab a mic, and to the surprise of everyone in that room, list down all the dirty secrets BOTH families had. Yes, both, even the dirty secrets she knew about her own family. (I kept saying dirty secrets, but what I meant by that are scandals—political or otherwise—that were covered up. For example: corruption, cheating scandals, addiction, even murder.)

The most memorable part is when after that’s all been done, the families tried to play it cool and act like the girl was just going insane. But back up the hotel room, when they were all locked up inside, the father, without warning or saying a single word of reprimand, slapped the girl so hard that she slammed herself to the floor, and the mother just stood there. That moment, it felt so real, that it happens in real life. All for power. Sure, most of my dreams are absurd and over-dramatic. This one is no exception. But dreams are mostly influenced by the subconscious. Either I’ve unconsciously heard a case like this or it’s one of my hidden fears. Now, I’m thinking about how many of today’s politicians have desperately hidden their dirty secrets, and just how dirty are they to go such great lengths (like abusing their own family) to cover them up and keep their reputations clean.

I know. My dreams should be my escape from reality but why am I connecting my dreams to real life problems? This kind of thing doesn’t stress me out though. But it makes me reflect on certain things. Dreams are weird, fancy little things.

Single (and Bitter): What They Say vs. What They Think

Straight from your resident still-single-but-NOT-ready-to-mingle blogger girl, Sophie Kat! (Note: You can only relate to this if you’re single AND bitter…and maybe a bit desperate too.)

What they say: “Ugh. All these couples making-out. Gross.”

What they think: “I’m so jealous! I want that too.”

What they say: “I don’t need a man!”

What they think: “Love me please. Love me!”

What they say: “See? No relationship drama.”

What they think: “No make-up…’cuddle’ either.”

What they say: “Freedom!”

What they think: “…is so lonely.”

What they say: “Sure, I can tag along on your date.”

What they think: “I’m the thirdwheel. Again.”

What they say: “Yeah! I have the whole bed to myself!”

What they think: “B-but I need someone to hug when I sleep!”

What they say: “I can have as many book boyfriends and celebrity crushes as I want!”

What they think: “Wow. My boyfriends are either a poster on the wall or a fictional character. I’m so pathetic.”

What they say: “I don’t have to buy presents for Valentine’s Day!”

What they think: “No one’s gonna give me presents on Valentine’s Day.” *sobs*

What they say: “I don’t have to deal with someone constantly checking up on me.”

What they think: “No one cares for me!”

What they say: “I’m so happy to be single.”

What they think: *sighs*

What they say: “Being in a relationship is overrated anyway.”

What they think: “Who am I kidding, I need a boyfriend now!”

(Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, I decided to repost one of my favorite relationship-related posts. I hope you enjoyed it the second time. Or if you’re a first-time reader, did you enjoy it?)


The reason why I’m not blogging is NOT because I’m procrastinating or feeling lazy. It’s just that I’m focusing on one task at a time. I’m working on a major (personal) project and I’ve scheduled target dates for “milestones” and deadlines. But I need your help in order for this to take off. Help me choose a title, please?

Here’s the project: A story where ghosts or the souls of dead people are the main characters, and they live in a special house that serves as an apartment for ghosts. They don’t simply roam around and haunt places, they are assigned roles and tasks and even stations (or cities where they should work) so they can cross over or be reincarnated. The story follows what they do in order to complete tasks. (I gave the plot in a very ambiguous way but that more or less explains you the concept.)

I’m not sure which genre it belongs to. It sure has supernatural elements (the ghosts themselves) but there’s no romance—so it’s not paranormal romance. The world is too small and the conflicts are too simple (it’s just everyday mundane experiences of the ghosts)—so it can’t be urban fantasy either. It’s fantasy but at the same time, it’s a simple contemporary, slice-of-life kind of tale. I don’t know. *shrugs*

Anyway, all I need is the perfect title. I have come up with three ideas and I’d like to know your opinion, your best choice.

a) Dead People Society – But it sounds so much like Dead Poets Society even though the story doesn’t even have the slightest connection.

b) The Secret World of Ghosts – My only problem here is that it sounds so unoriginal and sloppy. Not catchy at all.

c) House of Souls – But upon research, I found out that it is also a name for a restaurant somewhere in Denmark.

If you can come up with titles better than what I made, feel free to share. I’d love to hear your suggestions. As always, thank you so much!

Writing VS. Blogging?

Lately, I’ve seen a couple of posts about this and I wanna share my take on it, too. Obviously, there’s a difference. While writing can be a way to blog, not all blogs just focus on writing. Nothing is set in stone here though. But I just want to share what I think as both a casual blogger and a writer wannabe myself.

Actually, this is something I just realized now. For me, the greatest difference between writing (fiction) and blogging has nothing to do with the technical aspects of it. The difference lies in the reason why I’m doing it. By reason, I mean the people I’m doing it for.

I write for the readers. Whenever I write, I always consider what my potential readers would love or enjoy. It’s not necessarily about impressing them but I do want my writing to affect them in some way. I want my writing to stir something in them may it be an emotion, a memory, a feeling, or an insight, positive or not. It makes me happy when people react to my writing one way or another.

On the other hand, I blog for myself. I blog because I want to have a release. To express myself and unleash these heavy thoughts that’s been occupying me. Sharing it with people is just a part of it but I don’t really dwell on what the readers would think of my posts. I blog because I have something to say; whether someone reads my blog or not, it’s not really the most important part of it. (But, of course, I’m still very grateful when people read my posts and share their thoughts with me as well.)

I can’t say this enough though, this is only my personal take on it. I don’t know, other people might have it the other way around or it might work for them in a completely different way. But to me, this is how I see the difference between writing and blogging. Regardless, as long as people find both activities fulfilling, the differences don’t really matter.

Quote of the Day

I just wanna share this quote. Recently, I’ve been feeling clueless and hopeless and so unsure of myself. I felt like I was holding up an imaginary pressure that was so heavy, it kept dragging my mood and motivation down. It’s frustrating. Nothing seemed to be going the way I want to, but I haven’t even started doing anything yet. I felt as if nothing would fill the gap in me that’s making me so unsatisfied and unfulfilled.

Maybe I felt this way because I’m graduating next month and I’m starting to feel the pressure of officially becoming a part of the straight-forward adult world where I’ll have to face my responsibilities and problems independently?  I’m not sure.

Today though, I attended a “formation” session, some sort of a seminar, to get to know ourselves. You know, the usual “Do You Know Yourself” kind of talks. But it’s not really that theme that lifted my spirits up. It was one of the quotes from a TED Talk clip shown during the session that made me a little bit more hopeful about myself.

“It is not happiness that makes us grateful, but gratefulness that makes us happy.”
(David Steindl-Rast)

This TED Talk (if you know what TED Talks are—inspirational, motivational, insightful talks about whatever comes under the sun) also talked a lot about opportunities and why we need to stop for a moment, try to look around, and see that opportunity is just there, waiting for us to take it. Which I absolutely agree with. (Link here if you wanna watch the whole thing.)

But more than that, what really struck me is that, yeah, I realized that maybe I was just feeling down because I didn’t see the good little things in my life that I should be thankful for. I kept looking for something else that I missed the small blessings that have always been there all the while.

It doesn’t mean that I should only be stuck with what I have and forever be just happy with what’s given to me. Rather, I should be grateful that I have these things in the first place and use these things as an opportunity to find an even greater purpose for them. That way, I’ll feel more fulfilled. I’ll feel more satisfied about myself. I’ll be truly contented and happy. Don’t you think so too?