In Blogging: Am I the only one here who…

1) …constantly updates my posts?

I’m a bit obsessive-compulsive when it comes to my posts. Whenever I re-read my posts, I feel like something’s just off sometimes. I always have this urge to change something. And I do change something, most of the time. I don’t think anyone will notice, though. Do you?

2) …automatically follows back whoever follows my blog?

So, if you’re following me and you think that I haven’t followed you yet, please tell me. I’ll follow you back immediately. I might have just missed it or something. I do this because it’s the least I can do for those people who think that my blog is worth following even though it sucks. (Actually, I’m fishing for compliments here! LOL!) Kind of my way of thanking them (you!). It’s also another way for me to discover great blogs AND awesome friends!

3) …squeals like a crazy fangirl whenever OM ( or thechattyrachel ( likes or comments on my posts?

They are my favorite bloggers. Imagine Chris Hemsworth or Scarlett Johansson liking or retweeting one of your tweets. That triumphant feeling that you have, that’s what I feel with them. “OMG! Senpai, finally noticed me.”

4) …gets worried whenever someone unfollows my blog?

It’s okay when people suddenly decide to unfollow. I won’t hold it against them. I just get paranoid. Did I say something wrong? Did I post something that offended them? Is that why they unfollowed me? Do they hate me now? OMG, what did I do? I don’t want to offend anyone in any way.

5) …still gets excited when the little orange dot on the white bell-shaped thingy on the top right corner of WordPress (you get what I’m describing, right?) pops up?

A month of blogging doesn’t change how excited I feel whenever there’s a notification for me. I don’t think it will. It matters more than my Facebook notifications!

I’m still new here so I’m not sure. Am I the only one who does these things?


71 thoughts on “In Blogging: Am I the only one here who…

  1. I do update my blog posts quite a bit. I also get super excited when the orange dot lets me know there is a notification. I don’t worry as much about people who unfollow me though. Loving the blog and will follow it now.

    Cheers! ^_^

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  3. 1. I only update if I notice some glaring mistake.
    2. I try not to just follow back, I try to save it for people I’m actually going to read.
    3. No idea who they are.
    4. I don’t notice. I’m far more concerned about bloggers I follow not posting anymore.
    5. I do love the circle.

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  4. I’ve been here for months, but I’ve had more views, and followers in the past couple of weeks than ever before and I’m loving it. Your liking my comment on OM, led me to your page. I like it.

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  5. I really like your poetry.
    Regarding aliens and life in the universe. There will always be life on Earth until it is vaporized when the sun becomes a red giant near the end of its life span. However that life will change and may not always be life as we know it… it has already done over billions of years. Our planet exists in what is known as a “Habitable Zone” reference it’s distance from our sun. There must be many more out there with water, atmosphere and life. But don’t count on it having to necessarily what we think of as “intelligent.” Even a blade of grass is life.

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  6. I can completely relate to all of these! And even when I’ve been blogging for a couple years now, that “rush” of getting notifications, likes, and comments never disappears. It keeps blogging exciting. It’s always exhilarating to feel like there are other bloggers out there who appreciate what we have to say. And it’s amazing how many wonderful bloggers I’ve “met” and learned from. :)

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  7. I will right something on Word Press or my Facebook go outside then come back inside a few hours later. I go back to read what I wrote again and I find ways I could have worded something stronger, added more information, or maybe said to much information that might not be useful. I like the tip of allowing a post to stay in the Draft section for one day. Then go back to it. Leave it alone and go back to it again. I heard that tip in a Podcast. Thought I would pass it on! It is always exciting to receive feedback or see that you have a follower! It feels good someone wants to take the time to hear your words.

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  8. I am new to the blogging world- but I must say your blog addresses a large amount of things that I often think as well! I constantly edit my blog posts! It will bug me endlessly if I re-read something I wrote and then realise I should have added/removed something. It must be rectified then and there!

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  9. Hello Sophie,
    After reading your post, I must say that you are very real, genuine and a grounded person:)
    I have butterflies in my stomach when that little orange dot pops up and blinks at me;)

    You know it’s human to always find an editable thing/word/line/phrase in our posts. You know why? Because our posts are really a piece of our hearts and we want them to be perfect.. Nothing strange with you here:)
    I admit I also follow people who follow me and thanks them with a smile even if I see a notification when I’m in washroom :P

    Loved to read your post..We hardly meet such people. Hope to connect!
    Followed you:)

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  10. Oh I can relate to some of this. I always go back and tweak what I write because I find a better word choice later when I re-read.

    Of course I do the same thing with conversations in my head. Now if only there was a way to go back and edit those. Then I could stop with the “aww man I should have said THIS instead of THAT!”

    Oh and +1 on the excitement of an OM like, reblog, or comment although I do refrain from the squealing……usually

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  11. seeing your blog for the first time today. Just showed up in my reader. But I have to say it looks good and I can soooo relate. I, too, get all excited when I get a bright orange notification and see that someone’s stopped by my blog. And yes, the opinionated man notification is somewhat of a badge of honor.

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  12. No you are not. How could I think I was alone in this obsessive need to edit-edit-edit? Or even squeal like a preteen when I’m reblogged, followed or liked. All that you’ve written above I can admit to. WE are not alone lol. Enjoyed your post. (I seriously want to edit this comment somehow)

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  13. No. You are not the only one. I haven’t been blogging for that long, but I love it when people comment. I am happy that my post was interesting to them and had some value. I too love the little bell in the corner with the orange circle. I love blogging.

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  14. When I read over old posts I’m usually have to tidy up my spelling and grammar and I get super excited when there is a notification. I tend to follow back too so I can check their blog out when I have time and sometimes if I really don’t want to revisit it again I unfollow but that is fairly rare. I wouldn’t worry too much about the unfollowers I know that some people follow a heap of blogs to get followers then unfollow later. I’m also a fan of OM, his sharing of this post was actually how I found your blog.

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    • He’s such a cool guy, isn’t he? :D I’m conscious about my grammar too because English is not my first language, that’s why I constantly edit my posts. The only people I don’t follow back are those who have private or empty blogs :)


  15. Sometimes I’ll update a post shortly after it’s out or I’ll go back and edit a popular one to make it more presentable but I keep the content in tact. The unfollower thing happens as people prune their lists or some clown out there is just fishing for follows so unless you’re seeing a mass exodus, don’t worry about it as it tends to even out in the end :)

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  16. I must confess to being rather bemused as to the number of people who follow my blog. It fluctuates somewhat. I lost one follower (she subsequently returned) which was owing to her having accidentally clicked on the unfollow option. So people may accidentally unfollow a blog. Followers are great and all are important. Its especially nice when I receive a comment from a follower, particularly if they comment fairly often. I am now following your blog. Regards. Kevin I must confess to being rather bemused as to the number of people who follow my blog. It fluctuates somewhat. I lost one follower (she subsequently returned) which was owing to her having accidentally clicked on the unfollow option. So people may accidentally unfollow a blog. Followers are great and all are important. Its especially nice when I receive a comment from a follower, particularly if they comment fairly often. I am now following your blog. Regards. Kevin

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    • Thanks for following! :D I do love interacting with other bloggers too! It’s nice to meet so many great people from all over the world. There are a lot of creative people here and I’m thankful to have met them. :)

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  17. I edit as well…in fact–I intend to use my blog to try different versions of the same idea. The thing that excites me is the collaborative spirit I’ve found on WordPress. Interacting with other creative minds can only improve the work…

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  18. Reblogged this on HarsH ReaLiTy and commented:
    Personally I also get excited when people comment on my posts still. Never lose that passion, it will keep you blogging far longer than success will. Thanks for the kind mention and I of course wish you the best with your blogging! -OM
    Note: Comments disabled here, please visit their post.

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