8 Types of People Who Visit My Blog

In my few months of blogging, I’ve noticed that these are the people who usually visit my blog:

1) The likers. They don’t do anything other than to click like on every single one of my posts. I’m very grateful for that but I wonder if they ever truly read my posts.

2) Those people who get my drift. They know the flow of my mind and they easily ride with my jokes and sarcasm. These are my kind of people. They know not to take my posts seriously because, most of the time, I’m just kidding. Banter is so much fun with them!

3) Those people who don’t get my drift. My jokes and sarcasm do not work on them. They take the fun out of everything. *sighs* Loosen up a bit, people! You, guys, take everything way too seriously.

4) The novelists. Not that they really write novels but their comments are as long as one. They are very, very insightful. Too insightful sometimes. I feel awful most of the time because after they’ve put a lot of effort to write such a comment, I would just reply with a LOL because, seriously, I don’t know what else to say. Sorry ’bout that.

5) The meanies. They’re not exactly trolls (trolls haven’t found my blog yet, fortunately) but they can be so mean sometimes. They could probably be just joking but I hate some of their comments. They make me feel bad.

6) The lost. They just found my blog by accident.

7) The non-sequitur. These are the people who post comments that aren’t related to what I’ve posted. I don’t know why they do that. I can’t follow their train of thought.

8) The supporters. They are the nicest people I know! They always give the best compliments and the most encouraging comments. I couldn’t thank them enough for those. They are so appreciative. Their comments always make my heart all warm and fuzzy. Thank you, guys! <3

Which one of these do you think you are? :)


102 thoughts on “8 Types of People Who Visit My Blog

  1. Fortunately my (5) has a “do you really want to say that” button. So it is a deeply repressed part of my blogging persona. I have to admit to being all of the above at various times. Nice to meet you by the way ;-} Welcome to the wonderful Blogosphere!

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  2. Hmm none of the above I am after all a bunny,but yes Humans do take themselves far too seriously….hehehe sure you weren’t a bunny in a former life?hehehe you have the humor of one…Bwaaaahahahahaha!xx Speedy

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  3. I think a lot depends on how many blogs people follow when it comes to simple “likes” vs. comments.Time is a factor. I follow about 200 blogs but if I hit the “like” button or have time to comment, it is sincere. :)

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  4. I am guilty of being a liker lol, I usually read blogs very late at night or early morning, so I don’t usually comment much because my brain farts a lot during those times. :)

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  5. I would like to be the half of those types! Lol….once in a while i’ll try to give the loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooongest comment ever on your blog ;) btw dear your posts are always interesting…i automatically take a pause here!

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  6. from a liker. :P haha. fun post. as long as it’s positive i guess all attention’s good. but yeah, a bit of banter with the old strangers in blogg world is far more fun than a liker…but we all start somewhere huh. :) big smiles from a smiley visitor! :P x:)

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  7. Excuse the first draft of my novel which you will find below. I hope you and your readers enjoy my ramblings …!
    Sometimes my comments may be a little long, however I always try to keep to the point (the sharp needle point that is)!
    Seriously I may be guilty of several of the sins you mention. I humbly beg your forgiveness and will go to confession on Sunday.


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  8. I…uh…genuinely don’t know? Haha :P (Oh, GOODNESS. When people write such long and insightful comments, it makes me feel awful because I tend to match the commenter’s style but never manage to write anything as good.)

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