I am sick!

I have some bad news, guys. I was diagnosed with a rare but serious illness called “Notificalitis” and I am on its fourth stage. It is the unstoppable urge to check your notifications every minute or so. It is not contagious but mostly bloggers suffer from this incurable disease. The only way to save the blogger from this illness is termination…of the blog. Which I cannot afford to do. I’d rather be sick than kill my precious baby blog, thank you very much. I’ve got no hope left. Help me! What am I supposed to do?


50 thoughts on “I am sick!

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  2. Notificalitis is easy to cure. Take a good mind laxative if you manage to find one in the chedmist and it will go away. If you can’t find one another method is to go to live in the wild for a couple of weeks with grizzly bears wolves reindeers etcetera without any laptop, smartphone television or any access to the media in order to regain mental balance and detox yourself of the addictive trappings of modern society. That should totally erase notifications addiction.
    Anywasy; I saw this post of yours in my twitter account and noticed that we follow each other there. My account is GattoTheCat. (The peerless and incomparable Gatto the cat I mean) Nice to meet you in wordpress too. Have a good day!

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