When Friends Ask About My Blog

Friend: So. Do people read your blog?

Me: Um, yeah.

Friend: What do you blog about?

Me: You know? Stuff. Lots of stuff.

Friend: Yeah, but what kind of stuff?

Me: Just…stuff.

Friend: And people like your stuff?

Me: Um, I think so?

Friend: Then why aren’t you sharing it with us?

Me: Because.

Friend: Because?

Me: Because!

*awkward silence*

Friend: I don’t think you really have a blog.

Me: …

(My friends know that I have a blog but they have no idea what kind of blog I have. I have no plans to tell them. Because.)


33 thoughts on “When Friends Ask About My Blog

  1. Haha I totally understand. I like the anonymity, it makes what I say so much more…special and I don’t hold back for any reason. It’s mine! But question…what about a boyfriend? Haha I’m struggling with telling him, he really wants to see it but it would sort of ruin it for me!

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    • I don’t know. I don’t have one so I have no idea. *sobs* But if you think you’ll still be comfortable blogging even if he reads it, then I guess it’s alright but I don’t think you have to tell if you don’t want to ^_^

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  2. I do the same thing with my friends, too! For me, I’m not completely comfortable sharing my blog with them, just because it can be personal at times, and the fact that they know me in person makes it even more awkward.

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      • And that’s a good thing! Keep being protective about your baby blog, so you can keep saying whatever you feel like without even thinking twice. That’s why we love coming here, we want to read about your awesome weirdness!!! We want to read about your fear, that sometimes when you poop, you wonder if you’re actually schizophrenic and you’re not actually are in your own private bathroom but in a middle of a crowded place like a restaurant doing your business! Haha, yes, that’s what we love to read, because you say what many of us keep to ourselves. :D

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