Allergic to “O” Challenge

Miss PinkPearBear nominated me to do the Allergic to “E” Challenge but since this would be my third time doing it, we decided to give a little spin to the challenge and change “E” to another letter. I made her pick a new letter and the letter she chose is—drum roll please—the letter “O!” Thus, the Allergic to “O” Challenge was born. I hope Asil approves.

The same rules apply, except you have to omit “O” this time. Easy-peasy…NOT!

Sophie’s Response:

I wanna nail this challenge really bad and give the readers a few inspiring sentences at the same time (because I have never written s0mething like that bef0re) but this is harder than I expected. Since that is the case, let’s just all pretend that this is a paragraph that actually makes sense. I’ll just quit writing right here and abruptly end this meaningless paragraph with…BANANA!

(Heh. You can never go wrong with banana. Works every time.)

This is as hard as the original challenge but, yes, I did it! Well, technically, I did because there are no O’s there, only zeros. Ha! That’s not cheating. That’s called clevereativity—clever and creative. (Cool. I created a new word. Kind of a mouthful but I’m still going to add that to my vocabulary.)

Anyway, I’m going to nominate everyone who has done the Allergic to “E” challenge. Let’s see how well you’ll do this time without the letter “O.” May the 0dds be ever in y0ur fav0r.

Sophie Challenges:











You, guys, are the ones I nominated to do the original Allergic-to Challenge. I’m just going to nominate you again in case you’re up for the challenge twist.


12 thoughts on “Allergic to “O” Challenge

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  3. Well done!! I am doing a series now omitting each letter in turn, most of them are easy but seeing how many times I’ve used O in this sentence alone I’m now worried about getting to O!xx


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  5. This is easy… a paragraph with nil that letter is a child’s play. Yet, a challenge like this is interesting as we will be playing with sentences nil that letter. Let me then tell all what I had this lunch. It was a spicy bangus (milkfish) belly with rice. Its spiceness burned my lips like it was bitten by ants by the hundreds. The belly was indeed yummy that all what’s left was just its scales. I had three cups of rice, but these are just small cups! Hehehe! Next time, I’ll take a picture… the lunch I ate earlier.

    See, I made my reply with nil that letter. :)

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  6. But Sophie! I’ve never done the E challenge before! :o I’ve always rejected the nominationans… :o

    Uh. That said! Thank you for nominating me but I no longer accept these things since I’m lazy to repeat what I said about not accepting them. :-(

    But thank you for thinking about me though. <3

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