Things I Hate That Most People Love

I know. No one cares about what I hate. But, I still have them posted here because I can! Ha!

1) Coffee. Anything with coffee. The bitter taste? Yuck. Starbucks, I’m sorry. You won’t be getting any money from me.

2) Beer and partying. Those two come hand in hand.

3) Kids. I hate those wild creatures. I don’t know why most people think they’re “cute.” They’re not. They’re little devils!

4) Dogs and cats. Dogs scare me. Cats disgust me.

5) Fireworks. I have pyrotechnophobia.

6) New Year. Because of #5.

7) Yellow. There’s something about that color that repulses me. I’m not anti-happiness or anything, okay?

8) Ice-cold Coke. I add tap water if possible.

9) Ferrero Rocher. It tastes like a ball of paper dipped in chocolate. I don’t know what’s so special about that weird chocolate. Everyone seems to like it.

10) Make-up. Lip balm and baby powder (yup, you read that right) are my only “make-up.”

11) Shopping. The guys are always surprised whenever they find me sitting with them while the girls are away, raiding the racks.

12) Selfies. Not my selfies but other people’s selfies. Although I hate my selfies too.


34 thoughts on “Things I Hate That Most People Love

  1. well, let’s see…my hates that are on your list too…1,2,3…but i love kids, shopping? yeah, if she’s with me, ice cold coke? oh yeah baby…no bad chocolate!!! i love cats but get stuck with dogs…and selfies? i keep posting them…esp. vlogs…and i admire your choice of make-up…totally awesome

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  2. Don’t look now but I have just seen a yellow dog taking a selfie of itself with a cat made out of ferrero rocher and a child that is setting off fireworks. They are all at a party where lots of beer and coffee flavoured shots are being consumed.

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  3. You surprised me when I read that you are an introvert as you come across as the very opposite in your blog. However, when sitting behind a computer, unseen by those with whom we are communicating, we can be whoever we want to be I guess. I grew up with dogs (first as family pets and, later as guide dogs) so I am a dog lover. I was bitten as a child, however this did not put me off dogs. Guide dogs and other assistance dogs will never bite as they are trained to help.


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