Random Question of the Day

Something I haven’t done in a while (but since I’m procrastinating right now, let me) is ask random questions. So, here’s the question: Would you let a vampire suck your blood (or are you too selfish to feed them when you’ve been killing cows and pigs and chickens to satisfy your cravings)? I think we shouldn’t judge vampires too much for drinking human blood. That’s just the way they are. I mean, no one’s judging humans for eating animal meat. Vampires just drink blood.

(Okay, I better get back to work now. This isn’t a healthy thought. That’s it for today!)


5 thoughts on “Random Question of the Day

  1. I definitely would, as long as they don’t drain me of all of my blood. Maybe we could get into some sort of a beneficial symbiotic arrangement where the vampire uses their super speed and strength to help me with stuff and I let them drink my blood in return. That’d sure be cool.

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