Hi! My name is Sophie Kat (or at least that’s what I want my name to be) and if you’re reading this, well then, that’s great because that means you’ve found my either thoughtful or thoughtless blog—whichever way you see it. For those of you who still don’t know…

1) I’m 20 years old. (But for some reason, people think that I look like I’m 12 and sound like I’m 25.)

2) I’m a girl. (Do I need to elaborate?)

3) I’m pretty. (Because I. Said. So. And I’m always going to tell you that.)

4) I’m Asian. (But, no, I have big round eyes, okay?)

5) And I’m also a hopeless romantic. (#lovewins)

6) Obviously, I don’t speak English very well. (It’s not my first language but I’m trying.)

7) I’m Christian. (But I’m not gonna talk about Jesus or the Bible. Go look for a preacher.)

8) And I love Christian. (Haters gonna hate, I guess?)

9) I can be very weird. (I warned ya!)

10) And sarcastic. (Sometimes.)

11) And random. (Beep, beep, boop!)

12) Sometimes, I write poems on this blog. (But I’m not a poet. I actually suck at rhyming and wording and being deep and philosophical and sentimental and all that stuff.)

13) But mostly, I share my opinions, experiences, and thoughts here. (Take note: I said MY opinions, experiences and thoughts…MINE!)

14) Actually, I just post whatever AND whenever. Just because.

15) But I do this all for fun. (So let’s all be fun people here and have some fun!)

I made this blog to share whatever is on my mind no matter how silly or dumb it can be. If you don’t like it, then that’s okay. We can’t please everyone. But there’s no need to take things way too seriously here, okay? Anyway…

Welcome to my Precious Baby Blog!

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  4. Phew. First of all, I’m so glad I found your blog. I followed because you made my day yesterday. Now I can say we have a lot in common: I’m also 19, a gurrrrrrl, a Christian but also refuses to preach in my blog, Asian but also has round eyes (except when I smile…TMI). Have a nice day!

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  5. re your statement about being Christian but you’re not going to talk about Jesus. I’ve found that Christians are more effective living Jesus. I’m a Christian too, and an active leader in my church but on my blog, I just show how great my life is, show how awesome it is to help people and then I pray that someone asks me what my secret is so I can share the real reason I do the things I do.
    All the best, Sophie Kat!

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