Our Story

Though the shadows of your past lurk behind
Look straight ahead, your future shines bright.
Betrayal pushed your fall deeper and harder
But trust me when I say, never worry, WARRIOR.

They marked your end as they killed your faith
But your fight only began after the first victory
I will hold your hand so leap high once again
With ONE SHOT, prove them all wrong tonight.

How much did it hurt when they all ran away?
Better forget the hasty promises and dirty lies.
In this moment, as you step back onto the stage,
Let’s show a new NOIR with those who stayed.

Don’t ever be afraid of the looming darkness
Hold on to the dreams that you shared with me
Remember that we were once unstoppable.
Awaken the POWER that never faded inside.

Don’t wait for their deceitful round of applause
Keep sending a message in the guise of a ROSE
Before they realize the beauty of your color
Prick their hearts with the thorns you cover

The world is a MATRIX of your burning passion
Turn it upside down while they are fast asleep
I will be the bridge to places you can’t reach
Show them your battle scars, keep the fire lit.

There’s no rush, you don’t have to keep running
We will march together so let’s face your fight.
On the road to survival, we all might suffer
But our FIRST SENSIBILITY will keep us alive.

Keep dreaming, your fate is mine to defend
I’ll listen to your call, keep singing your songs.
Even if the world refuses to see your worth
I’ll chant along with NO MERCY for doubters.

Fame is not a CARNIVAL, we know the truth.
They fell out of love as you fell off the top
But a masterpiece is never about the race
It’s about the story, they can never replace.

If in the end you forget the dreams we kept,
Remember the history of the songs we shared.
Though the BADMAN stole your spotlight’s glow
Keep the spark of the million vows we made.

(I was bored and I thought it would be interesting to make a poem using 10 of the album titles of my ultimate favorite idol group. What do you think? Agh, I think it’s too cheesy and simplistic! Honestly.)

Freedom of Speech

I’m preaching words to show you I’m right,

But once I’m found, I will know

I’m just as lost, hoping to be heard

One voice in a billion that might not matter.

These air-filled bubble speeches,

They are nothing but a mindless pattern

I am a noise in the quiet void,

That remains silent in the screaming world.

Free to reveal the mind,

Yet chained to the faint light

Until I feel the dawn breaking,

I’ll dream that the words came to life.

(Psst. Still remember me? Just breaking your Reader chain…)

*insert deep title here*

For your love was the small bitter flame

Of a hot burning candle, dripping tears

Turning hard and cold with a gust of wind

Ever like the heart of the broken hymn.

(Yeah! Poetry, b*tch! Honestly, I don’t know what’s gotten into me. Random words just started pouring out. This rarely happens. I’m shocked. I don’t even know what my poem means. I’m serious! It just came out. I guess poem farts really work like this. Interpret it for me, please. Also, please give it a title. Can’t think of a good one.)


If I turned off the lights,
Would you pull me out of the dark or would you stay with me in it?
If I jumped off the cliff,
Would you save me from falling or would you jump off with me?
If I told you we couldn’t be,
Would you just let me go or would you fight until we can be?
If I told you this is the end,
Would you say goodbye or would you make me write another line?