Our Story

Though the shadows of your past lurk behind
Look straight ahead, your future shines bright.
Betrayal pushed your fall deeper and harder
But trust me when I say, never worry, WARRIOR.

They marked your end as they killed your faith
But your fight only began after the first victory
I will hold your hand so leap high once again
With ONE SHOT, prove them all wrong tonight.

How much did it hurt when they all ran away?
Better forget the hasty promises and dirty lies.
In this moment, as you step back onto the stage,
Let’s show a new NOIR with those who stayed.

Don’t ever be afraid of the looming darkness
Hold on to the dreams that you shared with me
Remember that we were once unstoppable.
Awaken the POWER that never faded inside.

Don’t wait for their deceitful round of applause
Keep sending a message in the guise of a ROSE
Before they realize the beauty of your color
Prick their hearts with the thorns you cover

The world is a MATRIX of your burning passion
Turn it upside down while they are fast asleep
I will be the bridge to places you can’t reach
Show them your battle scars, keep the fire lit.

There’s no rush, you don’t have to keep running
We will march together so let’s face your fight.
On the road to survival, we all might suffer
But our FIRST SENSIBILITY will keep us alive.

Keep dreaming, your fate is mine to defend
I’ll listen to your call, keep singing your songs.
Even if the world refuses to see your worth
I’ll chant along with NO MERCY for doubters.

Fame is not a CARNIVAL, we know the truth.
They fell out of love as you fell off the top
But a masterpiece is never about the race
It’s about the story, they can never replace.

If in the end you forget the dreams we kept,
Remember the history of the songs we shared.
Though the BADMAN stole your spotlight’s glow
Keep the spark of the million vows we made.

(I was bored and I thought it would be interesting to make a poem using 10 of the album titles of my ultimate favorite idol group. What do you think? Agh, I think it’s too cheesy and simplistic! Honestly.)


Chills! The feels! Words aren’t enough to describe the perfection that is this song. This is why B.A.P will always be my ultimate bias group. I was right all along to stan them since day one. They never fail to give us fans songs that are close to a masterpiece. They deserve more recognition; they are so underappreciated these days. Even if you don’t understand the language, you will feel the emotions in this song and be able to connect to it. That’s the power of B.A.P’s music. Yeah, I’m being such a fangirl but these are the little things that I want to celebrate. Have you never had an artist or a musician that made you feel this way?

Gosh, I’m so emotional about this. It’s just that I’ve been a huge fan of theirs through and through, and they went through a lot of hardships—the lawsuit against the company’s “slave contract,” majority of fans leaving them for younger groups, their leader’s recent hiatus due to panic disorder—to keep pushing for their dreams as artists, so I know just how much they’ve been working hard. They are very talented and grounded so they deserve all the success in the world. I wish to see them in person on day and simply thank them for bringing good music to my life.

Latest Obsession, This Band

Goodness! How are they able to make a song that gets me every time? Their songs are always so freaking good! This isn’t the first time that I turned on my fangirl mode for them on my blog. Bear with me, please! I’m in love with them!

I just wanna share with you this awesome band called Day6. They are an all-male 5-member indie rock band from South Korea, and for every 6th day of the month this year, they release a new single. For March, they just released the music video for their newest title “How Can I Say” and it’s exactly the song I wanted from them. I’m sure this will be on repeat for the rest of the month.

For some reason, this song in particular reminded me of Sid, a visual kei rock band from Japan. That’s a good thing because I love Japanese rock music! But I still hear the familiar Day6 sound that I love about them, this vibe of melancholy and desperation in their songs.

Now Playing…

My first favorite song of the year! “I Wait” by the Korean rock band, Day6. It sounds so much like Jrock and if you know me, you’d know how much I love Japanese rock. So the moment I heard the song, I knew this would be an instant fave. It reminds me a little bit of UVERworld, which is one of the first Jrock bands that I listened to, so it gives this nostalgic feeling, and a lot of fans have said that it reminds them of an anime intro (which makes sense because UVERworld performs for a lot of anime themes too). Listen for yourself and please tell me what you think:

The song is in Korean (obviously) but if you’re into the alternative, pop-rock type of music, I think you’d enjoy it anyway despite the language barrier. Music knows no language and all that, right? I feel like Day6 is kind of under-appreciated. Rock bands are a minority in the Korean music scene that is mostly dominated by idol groups so I’m kind of promoting them here. But it’s nice to see in the music video’s comment section that a lot of people are starting to appreciate them more. Rock bands need love too. Asian music needs love too! Way to start 2017, Day6!

My Top 20 Fave Songs – 2016 Playlist

The silver lining to the otherwise messy year…MUSIC! My love and obsession for it will never change. I am such a fangirl, it’s unhealthy sometimes. Too many good songs came out from across genres all over the globe. Now that 2016 is over, it’s time to look back and see what songs made my day so much brighter. I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it but here they are. I was actually able to pick at least 20 songs from a pool of what? Hundreds? Just. So. Many.

Note: If you think my taste in music is shit, I’m not gonna hold that against you. We all have preferences, okay? I based this list on two things: 1) most repeated (there’s a play count on my music library), and 2) my attachment to it (how much I loved and enjoyed the song). So even if some songs are so damn catchy—they ranked high on my play count—if I didn’t feel some sort of “connection” to it, it’s off the list. Also, I only considered songs that I have in my music collection.

#20 Boys Republic – Get Down (listen)/GOT 7 – Fly

First spot and I’m already cheating. These two Kpop boy group songs are a tie! Get Down got me into Boys Republic (they are so underrated, Kpop fans should give them more love) and I think Fly is probably GOT 7’s best title track yet.

#19 FAKY – Candy/Brave Girls – Deepened (listen)

I’m cheating again. Both are “idol” girl group songs but one is Japanese, the other is Korean. FAKY slayed my existence with them vocals and funky song! On the other hand, I’m not really much of a fan of Brave Girls but I am so obsessed with this one song from them.

#18 Little Mix – Shout Out To My Ex (listen)/Fifth Harmony – That’s My Girl (listen)

Sorry if I keep cheating but I always played these two songs together so they have the same play count—that’s why it’s another tie! Both songs are so damn catchy and make me wanna dance all day.

#17 Major Lazer – Cold Water ft. Justin Bieber and MO 

This was a case of love at first listen. I didn’t recognize the voice at first but I’m not complaining that it was Justin Bieber. The song suit his breathy, nasally voice, and I just love the lyrics and this whole water-boat metaphor.

#16 The Chainsmokers – Setting Fires ft. XYLO (listen)/Don’t Let Me Down ft. Daya (listen)

I couldn’t choose between the two. I just put them together in a spot because both songs are by The Chainsmokers. Play count-wise, Don’t Let Me Down wins but I just love Setting Fires as much.

#15 Phoebe Ryan – Chronic

This is song is so bubbly cute yet chill. Phoebe Ryan’s voice is oddly addicting too. Sometimes, I find it hard to associate her face to her child-like voice but I ain’t complaining either.

#14 Seventeen – Chuck (listen)/HIGHLIGHT

Again, I couldn’t choose between Chuck and HIGHLIGHT. Chuck was my favorite Seventeen song. I wanted it to be their title track instead of Pretty U. Then I heard HIGHLIGHT from their latest album and I just fell in love.

#13 MY FIRST STORY – Alone (listen)/ONE OK ROCK – I Was King

Another tie with the Moriuchi brothers. Technically, Alone was released 2015 as a single but the album got released just last year so I’m counting it. I Was King, on the other hand, is still too weak for an OOR song but it’s their best single this year and I still love it!

#12 MONSTA X – Stuck (네게만 집착해)

This one is another song that should have been the title track. When I listened to the whole mini-album, I was like, “This. This is the one.” ALL IN, which is what they promoted instead, is not a bad song but Stuck was everything I wanted in a MONSTA X song.

#11 Ariana Grande – Bad Decisions (listen)/Nick Jonas – Good Girls ft. Big Sean (listen)

Bad Decisions is so addicting. Say whatever you want about her diva attitude but you can’t deny it, Ari’s got one hell of a powerful voice! She’s currently my Pop Queen. Then there’s  Nick Jonas with a sexy song and a matching sexy voice. He surprised me with his latest album.

#10 Bolbbalgan4 – When You Fall In Love (listen)

Best song in their debut album, in my opinion. It sounds like an OST for a Korean drama, I badly want them to win at least one rookie award. They deserve it.

#9 Against the Current – Wasteland

This song gives me strange feelings. Whenever I close eyes and listen to it, I feel like I’m being brought into a different world or dimension. It has that kind of effect.

#8 Panic! at the Disco – LA Devotee

Maybe I’m just too dumb for this ’cause I still don’t get the lyrics but that doesn’t stop me from loving this song. My favorite song in Brendon’s latest album. The music video is slightly weird though.

#7 BlackPink – Playing with Fire/Whistle (listen)

Another case of both-songs-are-so-good-I-just-can’t-pick-one. Well, since both are by BlackPink I just cheated again and put them in a tie. I already did it in the earlier spots so why not?

#6 NCT U – Without You/The 7th Sense (listen)

I’m sure you’re wondering now why I even bothered making a “Top 20” list when I’m just going to put over 20 with ties. But this is my favorite NCT unit. These two songs might be polar opposites in genre and concept but they are equally good. And I did not expect this from an SM Entertainment artist. So it’s another tie!

#5 Ariana Grande – Sometimes (listen)

One more Ariana Grande song. Promise there’s only two! Honestly, I love her Dangerous Woman album so much and I could pick out two or three more songs that deserve a spot on this list. (Okay, I’ll name them anyway: Into You, Touch It, Greedy, and probably Dangerous Woman itself.) But this song is so lovely, I’m in love with it.

#4 Fifth Harmony – Scared of Happy (listen)

Best Fifth Harmony song in the album! I find the lyrics to be simply beautiful. It’s not too overly “lyrical” or deep but I feel that there’s actually honesty and sincerity in the words and the way they sing it. The way the song is composed (and that beat drop) is perfect. That’s just me.

#3 BTS – Blood Sweat and Tears (피 땀 눈물)/EXO – Monster (listen)

Oh yes! BTS and EXO both exceeded my expectations when they released these songs. I gotta say, their best songs yet! Even though these two songs are totally different in style, I find both songs refreshing for a Kpop release and it’s unlike their previous titles so I think it’s great that they’re evolving their style.

#2 DEAN – Bonnie and Clyde

Freaking DEAN with Bonnie and Clyde ripped my heart and soul out of my body. This song is everything to me! If I could marry this song, I would. But of course I would marry DEAN too! In fact, I would fly to South Korea just to confess my love for him and ask him to marry me. His sexy voice, my goodness! Imagine waking up to that.

#1 Porter Robinson and Madeon – Shelter

Here we are finally. Best song of the year! This song just gives me all the feels. I’ve never been this obsessed with a song. It makes me feel emotions. Even though I hear melancholy in the song, it’s also hopeful. This song has the ability to tell a story without having to say many words. I can’t believe I would feel this way for an EDM song. No doubt, my favorite this year! The moment I planned this list, I knew i just have to put this song in the first place.

Honorable Mentions: Troye Sivan – Wild ft. Alessia Cara (listen), Hailee Steinfeld – Starving ft. Zedd (listen), BTS – Save Me (listen), Block B – Toy (listen), Alessia Cara – Wild Things (listen), Nick Jonas – Voodoo (listen), B.A.P – Skydive (listen), VIXX – Fantasy (listen), Zayn Malik and Taylor Swift – I Don’t Wanna Live Forever (listen), Melanie Martinez – Mrs. Potato Head (listen).

(Obviously, there are more than 20 songs on this list but to be fair, I combined Western, Korean, and Japanese music in one mega chart. Let me know what 2016 hits are your top favorite in the comments below. Happy First Day of 2017!)

Funny Little Moment

Fifth Harmony was playing in loud speakers. I was lip-syncing my heart out, dancing and flipping my hair like crazy when someone came by and caught me in the act. It was soooo embarrassing—but totally worth it. Never let anyone ruin your lip-syncing moment, okay? Who cares if they think your crazy? That’s your moment and it’s their fault for suddenly barging in and ruining it. (Right, Sophie. But that was totally embarrassing. If I were you, I would run away, hide in a dark cave, live off bugs and lizards, and never come out again until the end of civilization. Oh, wait. I am Sophie! *sobs* Time to pack my bags! Goodbye!)