Random Question of the Day

Would you rather be with someone who has all of the ideal qualities that you’re looking for in a person and is perfect in every way but you just don’t or can’t love OR be with someone who has all of the qualities that you would normally hate and is generally not a good person but you still deeply, truly love anyway, no matter what? Think about it. And why?

Single (and Bitter): What They Say vs. What They Think

Straight from your resident still-single-but-NOT-ready-to-mingle blogger girl, Sophie Kat! (Note: You can only relate to this if you’re single AND bitter…and maybe a bit desperate too.)

What they say: “Ugh. All these couples making-out. Gross.”

What they think: “I’m so jealous! I want that too.”

What they say: “I don’t need a man!”

What they think: “Love me please. Love me!”

What they say: “See? No relationship drama.”

What they think: “No make-up…’cuddle’ either.”

What they say: “Freedom!”

What they think: “…is so lonely.”

What they say: “Sure, I can tag along on your date.”

What they think: “I’m the thirdwheel. Again.”

What they say: “Yeah! I have the whole bed to myself!”

What they think: “B-but I need someone to hug when I sleep!”

What they say: “I can have as many book boyfriends and celebrity crushes as I want!”

What they think: “Wow. My boyfriends are either a poster on the wall or a fictional character. I’m so pathetic.”

What they say: “I don’t have to buy presents for Valentine’s Day!”

What they think: “No one’s gonna give me presents on Valentine’s Day.” *sobs*

What they say: “I don’t have to deal with someone constantly checking up on me.”

What they think: “No one cares for me!”

What they say: “I’m so happy to be single.”

What they think: *sighs*

What they say: “Being in a relationship is overrated anyway.”

What they think: “Who am I kidding, I need a boyfriend now!”

(Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, I decided to repost one of my favorite relationship-related posts. I hope you enjoyed it the second time. Or if you’re a first-time reader, did you enjoy it?)

Ice and Fire

Ice is ice and Fire is fire.

Nature is the law, the law of nature.

What cannot be should not be.

One might melt, the other extinguished.

(A bit cryptic but, yeah, it’s true. This represents the situation I am in right now. I don’t want to admit it but I know it’s the truth. Still, I don’t want to talk about it or it’ll become my reality. So I left you with this poem instead. It has everything yet nothing I want to say.)

He’s Muslim, I’m Catholic…

What would you do if you were in this position? You like this person and you find yourself falling for him…or her (if you’re a guy). Whichever. And he likes you back. In fact, he has liked you for 6 years now. What guy waits for the girl that long nowadays, right? It’s a rarity and very admirable. He’s also a good friend of yours so you two know each other well enough and are comfortable with each other. Even though he’s seen you be in different relationships over those years, he’s never stopped waiting for you to see his sincerity and worth. You finally realize that he’s someone you can fall in love with and you wanna be with him.

But you’re from a different religion. The problem though is not with the two of you because religion and the issue of faith or belief is not a problem with both of you. Respecting and understanding one’s belief and customs is the easy part. No one’s forcing anyone to switch religions or anything. The problem is with your parents who are strictly Catholic. They know the guy, they like the guy, they trust him as your friend for years now but they are against his religion and in effect, so with any deep and serious relationship that can form between the two of you. What would you do?

Because I asked my friends the same thing and they don’t really know what to do. I can’t go against my parents because I’m sure he doesn’t want me to do that too and I respect my parents as well. But I also know that he’s hurting and he’s waited for so long. He tries so hard to understand my parents’ side but it’s so unfair on his part that he has to deal with all of these and I’m scared that I might really lose him this time. Even if I have tried to talk my parents about this, they are just simply against the idea. I know I might sound desperate right now but I really don’t know what to do and I feel like I’m running out of time. Just wanna get this all out here.

Why It’s Best to Date a Fangirl

Fangirls tend to have a reputation to go crazy over their faves. While their obsession (or rather their passionate support) might be a turn-off for some, there’s more to them than just swooning and gushing and screaming over the latest Ryan Gosling movie. Believe it, you’re lucky if you’re dating one. I should know because I am one. Why?

1) They are passionate. They pour out their whole heart and soul (and wallet) for the things they love. So if she truly loves you, she’ll give the same effort, attention, and devotion just for you. She’ll be your biggest fan ’cause that’s what a fangirl does best.

2) They are not afraid to show how much they love something…or someone. They’ll scream and prove to the world how much they love you like the rock star that you are, just give them the go signal. Beware though for things might get a little bit crazy especially when they’re jealous.

3) It’s so easy to make them happy. Just give them any merch of their favorite boy band or movie franchise and it’ll be the best gift ever. The price doesn’t matter. A simple poster, a glow stick, or even a pair of socks with a cartoon version print of Harry Potter’s face would be more than enough.

4) You don’t really have to do much to get on their good side. Just never, ever make fun of their favorites or you’re dead. Otherwise, you’re all good.

5) Well you’re dating a fangirl, right? No matter what kind of a fangirl she is, that means you already beat the number one thing that makes her go crazy. Trust me, no fangirl would easily give up their obsessions, so you know that you’re very special to her if she chooses you over Ryan Gosling.

The Ideal Guy

Okay, so I’m going to be fully honest and specific here. Very specific. And maybe a bit delusional. But I’m sure that my ideal guy doesn’t exist. He’s too “ideal.”But that’s alright. I can dream, can’t I? Let the girl fantasize for once! If he DOES exist, it’s not like he’s gonna end up with a girl like me anyway so… *sobs* Let me be delusional here!

This guy looks serious and dismissive, quiet, masculine and almost intimidating that people might have a wrong impression of him but when you get to meet him, he has a caring, sweet, and goofy side but he only shows this to the people he’s most comfortable with. Guys with a sense of humor are the best. Besides, he needs that in order to handle my craziness.

His smile? That one’s gotta be a killer. It’s one of the rarest yet most genuine and adorable thing you’ll ever see and it can brighten up anyone’s day. Don’t get me started with his laugh.

Despite his intimidating looks, he is very considerate of others and a natural gentleman. It’s second nature to him. Girls these days love the bad boy type. You know, guys that would treat them like shit but are super possessive on them? But I would still pick a true gentleman anytime. Bad boys only look good on movies and books when the writer can change them for the better any time they want. I want a guy with a soft heart, who helps a grandma cross a street or adopts a kitten abandoned on a sidewalk when he thinks no one is looking.

He knows how to cook and loves to do so. It’s actually his secret talent. His hobby would be cooking for me. You know that cooking isn’t really one of my strong points so he has to know how to cook if he wants the both of us to survive. But I’m not that selfish, you know. I’ll help him out with the mixing and stirring. Haha! Just the two of us, in the kitchen, preparing dinner, having some laughs, just enjoying each other’s company…OMG! Too perfect!

He is responsible when it comes to the things that matter, patient and hardworking, sticks to his word, committed, knows his priorities straight, and is both streetwise and book-smart. I like intelligent guys. I mean, who actually like dumb guys, right? Actually, it would be better if he’s smarter and more mature than me. I don’t know, I just feel like, that way, I wouldn’t have to be the only one deciding on stuff.

He has to be neat as well. Guys are usually messy. (Is that true?)  It would be a turn-off if he doesn’t know how to clean up after himself. And, you know, hygiene is important. Guys that smell good and look clean are sexy as hell.

Also, he’s comfortable with silence. He hate small talks and nonsense exchanges but knows how to handle a conversation when the topic is important or real interesting. He looks into your eyes and gives you full attention when you’re the one talking. Some guys love to talk and talk and talk. I know some guy who is just plain noisy and talkative. That’s a nope on my list because I’m also a quiet girl in person and small talk is a nightmare for me.

Lastly, he has to be tall. I’m telling you, this one is very important. I’ve always been fascinated by tall people. I’m really short so my ideal guy has to be above 5’9 feet at least? To make up for my height. ‘Cause you know, if we’re gonna “go forth and multiply” there should be tall genes that we can pass on to our future kiddos. Our beautiful children cannot have my height! Oh dear, that’ll be too bad for them.

Told ya. It’s hard to find a guy like this. But I’m not actually looking for a guy exactly like this. If he has any of these traits, then lucky me. In the end, I just want a guy who’ll love me for me and for real. Hope he’s just there waiting for me. Kyaa!


Please, do me a favor. Keep doing the stupid things you do. You have to. It will make me fall less in love with you. I can’t afford to have these nonsense feelings again. Once, twice, thrice is enough. I don’t wanna do it to myself again the fourth time. Enough is enough.

(End of mushy posts. Let me get back the usual crazy Sophie you know. Wait a sec. She got lost somewhere in the sea of teenage feelings and confusion.)