There are Barbie vlogs?!

Okay. I’m having a Barbie Vlog marathon right now. I didn’t know there’s such a thing! You might find it silly but I think it’s a very clever way to advertise. It’s creative, it’s interactive, and it follows the trend. The content and format are just the same as any other vlogs that can be found on YouTube. Barbie’s got make-up tutorials, tags and challenges, and sometimes she invites friends over to do a video. She also has some inspirational video messages. She’s like a real person reaching out to people. The videos seem natural and unscripted too. I mean, as natural as 3D animation can get. Props to the voice actors for making the reactions and dialogue sound so real and spontaneous.  I’m not ashamed, I just subscribed to her channel. My favorite vlog is definitely the one with Ken.

What? Don’t judge me! Barbie’s still an icon of my childhood (actually, I still watch those Barbie princess movies every holiday) and, say whatever you want to say about how ridiculously unrealistic the beauty standards she has set for young girls, but you can’t deny that Barbie still has some empowering messages for kids, not just girls. She always supports the idea of being kind and humble, reaching for your dreams, expressing yourself and showing who you really are. This toy will always be iconic and relevant to me.

Disclaimer: No, Mattel didn’t pay me to blog about this–although that sure would be sweet. I genuinely think that Mattel did a good job to promote Barbie as if she was a real person that young girls can relate to and interact with.

This song is awesome!

Before Fall Out Boy and All Time Low, I used to listen to Japanese rock bands. Back in high school, when kids my age were fangirling (and fanboying) over American bands, I was alone with my J-Pop/J-Rock obsession. My personal favorite is UVERworld and comes in second is Scandal, which is a super cool band because they are an all-girls 4-piece pop-rock band. (Yup. An ALL-GIRLS band! I know right! So awesome! And they are really good.) If you are into pop-punk-rock kind of music and have no issues with the language of the lyrics, then you should really check these bands out because they are worth listening to! Promise!

But my recent favorite, which I discovered through this Japanese film called Rurouni Kenshin, is ONE OK ROCK. It was love at first song! Seriously. They got me hooked the first time and every song that I listened to next just kept getting better and better. What surprised me is that the lyrics are mostly in English! You can only hear a couple of lines in Japanese here and there so you’ll have no problem understanding the lyrics. This is the best way to introduce people to modern Japanese music. If you like Sleeping with Sirens and bands alike, I’m sure you’ll like this band too!

By the way, the title of that song is The Beginning. The perfect song for you! (Because I’m sure this is going to be the beginning of your obsession with ONE OK ROCK.)


Isn’t Taka just so cute? <3

This is what I’m trying to play on guitar…

Cinderblock Garden (Acoustic) by All Time Low

Keyword: trying. I can play now the bridge and the chorus part but I still suck–like, really suck–and I find the verse parts tricky. My fingers already hurt after only two days of practice (totally my fault because I didn’t touch my guitar for more than five years) but I still have to do a lot more practicing. I really wanna play this smoothly. It’s my goal for this month. Perfect this piece. Umm, wish me luck?

(If you wanna listen to the original version of Cinderblock Garden, just click on this link. I hope you like punk. I love ATL’s Future Hearts album. You should listen to the rest of their songs. They’re really awesome.)